Crazy Downhill Run


Class, Notes, and Elephants of Course!

it takes a bit to get into, but well worth the wait. check it out.

More Mini Essays


By Jay

If I had superpowers I would probably be in some comic books and more people would know who I am.

If I was short

By Jay

I’d probably wish I was taller, like I used to be.

Sophisticated Bears






















I love bears because they are one of natures most sophisticated animals.  while sometimes they have been known to brutally maul people, they do have a wonderful taste in music.

if you would like to donate to the ‘Mozart for Bears Foundation’ please contact me and i will forward the money to this guy who sits in a tower and plays for the bears.

Amazing Photo of the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in Iceland

i love animals

Red Games?

Gaming in the Cold (War)

here is a link to an article about video games and russians, and how they seem to be hanging out more often than we thought…